Building Language Skills in Young Children

Why do some children speak so well and yet others have difficulty just expressing their thoughts eloquently?

A key factor lies in the child's exposure to high quality speech, right from birth. Research has shown that watching TV or listening to stories do not help improve children's language development. 

It is a misconception that we should wait till the child can speak well to begin discussions with him. Even a young child who is learning to speak will benefit tremendously from listening to adult speeches directed at him.

One of best ways to build language skills in children is through quality discussions. Not just any mindless chats but structured, well-planned discussions, delivered in good English (or Mandarin if that is the language your child is learning).

Quality discussions is a key feature of our programmes, even for children as young as 3 years old. Our discussion approach varies, depending on the age group of our students.

Through consistent exposure to multiple brief discussions every week, even our youngest students have improved by leaps and bounds. Parents can also see obvious benefits such as the following:
1. Speaking clearly in good English with improved articulation;
2. Expressing their ideas, views and thoughts coherently;
3. Using expanded vocabulary that they have learnt in lessons;
4. Focusing better for longer periods;
5. Listening attentively and purposefully; and
6. Sharper observation, more creative imagination and problem-solving abilities.

As a result of discussions, our students gain confidence and are less frustrated in their inabilities to express their thoughts.

It is also evident that they become more engaged and motivated in learning. Over time, even our reserved students have found their voices and overcome their fear to speak up.

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