Bright World Thinkers

This exciting programme is a natural extension of our highly popular Bright Minds Lapbookers, suitable for ages 9 to 11.

Through our literature-based lapbooking process, combined with our immensely effective trans-disciplinary thematic coaching approach, our students are introduced to current affairs and global issues through an inquiry-based process.

Every lesson is an engaging and experiential session that heightens your child's awareness and deepen her understanding of the world she lives in.

Every activity is carefully designed to spark your child's interest in current affairs and guide her to explore her own feelings and thoughts, as well as to be open to alternative perspectives.

Through creative drama, discussions, debates, creative games that stretch their imagination, students will be guided to analyse, evaluate and reflect, as they hone their higher order thinking skills of critical analysis and creative problem-solving.

Weekly challenges and team games will further strengthen students' abilities to express and present ideas while they also learn the power of persuasion.

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