How to Score above 17/20 and 35/40 for Compositions?

Like all skills, writing skill can be honed. But it takes time, positive learning attitude, perseverance and effective guidance. 

If you are learning to play tennis, or hoping to pick up archery, which approach will you take?

(1) Read many books. Practise frequently by yourself. 
You have to figure out your own mistakes and try to correct them yourself. Since you have YET to figure out how to play properly, your methods of correcting mistakes and learning new techniques may not be effective too. 

(2) Have an expert guide you on the BEST ways to learn. 
The expert will point out the mistakes you have made and coach you to avoid the mistakes. You will even learn to play like a champion.

Which approach will SAVE more time and effort? 

Which approach will enable you to have a better chance of early MASTERY of the skill?

The same goes for improving your Writing Skill. 

If your child is not already scoring 17/20 consistently, writing weekly by himself without proper guidance is like shooting at targets blindfolded. 

Avid readers may have a stronger vocabulary than those who do not enjoy reading. However, not all avid readers can naturally write well. Why? 

The reason is simple. Most avid readers read for pleasure, hence they focus on the plot and may read so fast that they may not reflect on the writing style, sentences and vocabulary used.

So they will still need guidance to show them 
(1) HOW to craft a vivid story;
(2) HOW to use what they already know; and
(3) HOW to learn from the books they read. 

If your child does not enjoy reading, it does not mean he/she cannot write well but the fact is, it will take more effort and time. He/she will have to learn effective strategies to overcome the hurdles and craft an outstanding story in 50 minutes. 

If your child needs guidance, you will not want to miss our weekly classes starting Term 1 of 2024. 

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