Chinese Writing Accelerator 作文班 - Pri 3/4/5

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month @ 4.45pm - 6.15pm (1 hr 30 min) via Zoom
Dates: 6th and 20th January, 3rd and 17th February,  3rd and 17th March, 7th and 21st April. 

For each lesson, students will be taught the critical thinking skill, relevant vocabulary and writing techniques for a NEW topic. 

He/she will write a composition draft 1 for the topic in class and submit immediately after class. Total 8 topics. 

In the week without lesson, the draft 1 is returned with detailed comments and prompts to help students IMPROVE the writing with more ideas. 

Students will write a Draft 2 and submit within 3 days. This piece will be graded and returned before the next lesson. 

Payment options: 
Trial $190 for first 2 lessons (1 month); subsequent payments of either $190 or $360.
Half Term $360 for first 4 lessons (2 months); subsequent payments of either $190 or $360.
Full Term $660 for all 8 lessons (4 months).

For only $165 a month (with full term payment), your child will 
(1) attend TWO 90-min lessons
(2) write FOUR complete drafts on TWO topics. TWO of the drafts are written in class with guidance on sentence structures and writing of difficult words.

Term Dates 2021


Term 1/2021 (10 weeks: 2 January - 18 March 2021)








2 January

3 January

4 January

6  January

7 January


9 Jan

10 Jan

11 Jan

13 Jan

14 Jan


16 Jan

17 Jan

18 Jan

20 Jan

21 Jan


23 Jan

24 Jan

25 Jan

27 Jan

28 Jan


30 Jan

31 Jan

1 February

3 February

4 February


6 February

7 February

8 February

10 February







18 Feb


20 Feb

21 Feb

22 Feb

24 Feb

25 Feb


27 Feb

28 Feb

1 March

3 March

4 March


6 March

7 March

8 March

10 March

11 March


13 March

14 March

15 March

17 March

18 March


No regular classes between 11 and 17 Feb 2021

Writing Accelerator (for Primary 2 to 4) - 4 Weeks only

Do your children have the following difficulties with writing? 

- Lack of ideas to write an original story
- Too many ideas and ended up writing a confusing story
- Not able to express their ideas clearly and coherently
- Writing out of topic

Our Writing Accelerator programme will address those issues and teach your child effective techniques to significantly elevate their writing scores!

Common Issues that Baffled Parents

==>> Your child may read a lot but is unable to write a good piece of composition independently.
==>> Your child may enjoy writing and practise writing compositions diligently, but he/she still scores below 17/20 consistently.
==>> Your child may read and memorise a lot of model compositions, but he/she struggles to write outstanding pieces on unfamiliar topics.

At From Tiny Acorns, our tried-and-tested Writing Accelerator programme will help your child improve their writing by leaps and bounds!
We have crafted a structured and powerful Writing Accelerator programme designed to help students learn to craft coherent compositions while developing their individual writing voice.

How does it work?

1. Each week, students attend a 30 min Skills and Techniques group lesson, conducted LIVE via Zoom.
2. Weekly Composition topic is emailed to parents.
3. Student writes draft 1 independently and submits within 2 days.
4. Draft 1 is graded and returned with detailed feedback.
5. A one-on-one Zoom coaching session is arranged. Duration is between 10 and 20 min depending on child's needs. In this session, students will be guided to IMPROVE his writing STYLE, further DEVELOP his IDEAS before he writes draft 2.
6. Student writes draft 2 independently and submits within 2 days.
7. Draft 2 is graded and returned with feedback.

November/December 2020 Writing Accelerator (via zoom) for FOUR consecutive weeks.
- starts on Monday 23 Nov (5pm-5.30pm) for Pri 2 (in 2021) FULL! 
- starts on Wednesday 2 Dec (5pm - 5.30pm) for Pr2 (in 2021) FULL! 
- starts on Thursday 26 Nov (5pm - 5.30pm) for Pri 3&4 (in 2021) FULL! 

Limited places. Sign up now to avoid disappointment!

Please ensure your child is available for the group lessons before enrolling. No refund will be made regardless of reasons if students have to miss any part of the lessons. No make-up lessons can be arranged for group lessons. 

Draft 2 of the 4th and last topic must be submitted within 7 days after the 4th Monday and Thursday group lesson for grading. Any late submission will not be graded unless a Medical Certificate can be produced to show the child was unwell during the week.