Coaching Bright Minds Workshop (for parents)

Have you always wanted to coach your 2 to 7 years old children at home but are not sure of the effective approach to take?

Do you face challenges in motivating your children to learn and achieve in school and wish you know how to motivate them?

Come and join us in our 7th Coaching Bright Minds workshop for parents! 

Pick up valuable tips and skills from Shirley Tan, founder of From Tiny Acorns, who has personally conducted thousands of classes to children ages 2 to 8 using our highly effective and unique interdisciplinary thematic approach coupled with lapbooking.

In this workshop, you will learn how to
- effectively coach your children at home to help them achieve their full potential

- motivate and empower toddlers and preschoolers to become eager and independent learners

- help your children build a strong foundation in English, Math and Science

- teach your preschooler to read without him/her attending literacy and reading classes

- raise your early readers' comprehension skills and creative writing abilities

- nurture a growth mindset in your children 

- raise inquisitive thinkers with strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills and much more!

This workshop is delivered in a personal parent-to-parent style with plenty of sharing of real-life experiences that you can relate to. Through the workshop, you will appreciate the benefits of our interdisciplinary thematic approach and how to implement it effectively at home. 

Participants will also gain insight into the design process of our literature-based lapbooking activities and learn through hands-on activities and sharing session the strengths and uniqueness of our Bright Minds Lapbookers curriculum. This is especially useful to parents who wish to learn more about our method.

Date: Saturday, 11th March 2017

Time: 3pm - 6.30pm

Fees: $175 per parent or $155 for early bird registration by 15th December 2016
(include workshop notes)

Limited seats only.

New Students: Waiver of $40 one-time registration fee if attendees register a child for Term 2/2017 class.

Current Students: 5% discount off term fees for Term 3/2017 classes.

This workshop is for parents only. There is no childcare arrangement at the workshop venue. Thank you for your understanding.
To enquire/register, please contact with your name, mobile number, your child's name and date of birth.

Feedback from previous workshop attendees
I am very impressed with the amount of thought that has been put into developing the lesson plans/lapbooking activities. I tried to make a lapbook with my 2.5 yr old on the same literature before but my attempts are so feeble compared to the scope that you have mapped out! Many thanks! - Ka Yen
I am amazed by the detailed lesson plans, guidance notes and comprehensive coverage of activities of your lapbooks. It is worth every penny! Now I can truly understand and appreciate what my kids have been missing out by not attending your lapbooking classes. - Carol
Thanks for organizing the workshop which was really insightful with plenty of practical sharing! I have benefitted much, especially on the 'discussion' part. I have made a lapbook with my kids ever since and they both love it!  - Alice
I'm so glad I attended the workshop which opened my eyes on the effective approach to take for coaching my boys at home. Thank you for being so generous in sharing! - Joyce
The session was so beneficial for parents like me, who have limited time to coach our kids. Now, I know how I can better utilize my limited time with them to achieve best results. After just two weeks of using your method, I am already seeing some results! Thank you SO MUCH! I'm so excited!  - Ann
Thanks for the workshop! I have learnt a lot from you and it has definitely motivated me in many ways. I hope my kids can attend your classes next year.  - Jayne
Thank you for sharing all the valuable information about coaching at home! I have learnt so much. - Shi Ling
Thank you for all the sharing at the workshop. It is very inspiring and thought provoking! - Meow Huang
I am so grateful for your generous sharing at the workshop. It was eye-opening to learn more of your method and to realise the range of possibilities we could create for our kids through coaching them this way. I only wish I discovered your programme earlier when my older children were small. - Wendy

A well-organized and engaging workshop! Definitely inspiring to my wife and me to reflect on how we have been guiding our sons. We are signing up our kids for your classes for sure. Thank you for the educational afternoon! - Joe & Freya

I highly recommend all parents to attend this informative and enriching workshop! I have learnt more from these few hours than I had in the last 10 parenting workshops I attended. Big thumbs up! - Hui Ing

*terms and conditions subject to changes without prior notice. 
New students must be enrolled within 3 days after CBM workshop to enjoy the registration fee waiver.
Current students must make full payment for Term 3 by 15th April to enjoy the discount. If multiple kids are enrolled, discount applied to term fee of lowest value after sibling discount is given. 
All enrollment is subject to availability.