What parents said about our programmes 

After Joshua attended his very first Lapbook class in April 2010, he announced that he was going to quit kindergarten and just attend Teacher Shirley's classes instead, as the class was so fun and interesting! I am constantly amazed at how Shirley's creative trans-displinary thematic methods spur critical thinking and enable learning in a completely natural, experiential and fun way for the children. Joshua greatly enjoys exploring the cross-linkages across different subject areas while being centred on the selected storybook themes and has blossomed in his confidence and thinking processes. I have often wished Shirley ran an actual kindergarten based on her approach and teaching methods, and would highly recommend this programme to any parent!"
Elsie, mum of Joshua (6.5 years old)

I just want to express my heartfelt thank you and gratitude for your time and patience in coaching Muse and stretching her learning beyond her age. Muse and even myself have learn and benefitted alot from your teaching. You are such an excellent teacher!
Aileen, mum of Muse (4.5 years old, joined since 18 months)

Attending Teacher Shirley's lapbooking classes enriched us (both kids and parent) a lot. After attending the lessons for almost a year, Heidi has become more articulate and expressive. She always remembers what Shirley has taught. I am thus convinced that Shirley is able to communicate her lessons effectively and also able to imprint on the students with her way of questioning such that the students do understand based on logic and not based on pure memory. I've since enrolled my younger child into the programme and we are looking forward to more lessons.
Ching Ling, mum of Heidi and Hayden (4.5 years old and 2.5 years)

The change in Katie after attending your 3-days workshop was really amazing! She started picking up a book EVERY night, attempting to read it on her own. She became more confident and was willing to speak up in class (a problem she had for the longest time). I think you somehow helped her overcome her shyness.
Winnie Teo (mum of Katie, 5.5 yrs)

Every time, I attend the classes with my girls, Shirley gives me new insights, ideas, tips to continue the learning at home. I feel energized and loaded with ideas of activities that I can do to extend and enrich my girls' minds at home.  She encourages the child to verbalize her thoughts, wants and needs. My girl enjoys her class so much that she will willing to sacrifice her afternoon nap just to attend the 4pm class. Shirley designs her lessons very carefully and what amazes me is her creativity. At times, the activity might be slightly challenging for that age group but she encourages the child not to give up and for us parents to persevere. She truly believes that every child is a gem and if we nurture them well and provide them with a rich learning environment, the child will enjoy learning tremendously. Thank you once again Shirley for your patience with my girl.
Nazia, mum of Zahrah (4 yrs) and Zahirah (3 yrs)

I like the way the activities are planned out and how each activity will help to trigger the child to think and engage. I think the 3-days workshop is very informative for me and I personally want each lesson to be longer.
Siew Siew, mum of Entong (3 yrs)

This is the first time my girl has expressed how much she loves a teacher and after just one session with you. She said she missed you right after her class. Thank you so much Shirley! As a mummy, I feel so grateful that my girl enjoys her learning. You must be doing something right and special. Your encouragement means lots to me. I will certainly persevere in my effort to help her. If every teacher was like you, learning would mean so much more for many children and parents.
Kacy, mum of Kassia (5 yrs)

Lele has enjoyed her lessons and the activities captivated her interest. I like the way you delivered the lesson, giving input and how you set the little minds thinking as well as your humour and expressive story-telling. I enjoyed and learnt so much accompanying my girl for her class. I always get so inspired by the ideas you shared and wish the lessons are longer. I am looking forward to the weekly classes that my older twins attended last year. I have faith in you, who teaches with passion. I can’t wait for all my 3 kids to begin classes in July!
Coco, mum of Ning, Xuan and Le (3 to 5 yrs)

The activities for the totbook workshop were good. I like how they are structured to develop the motor skills and lots of questions to get the child to think (instead of feeding them the info). Attending your workshops is always a good reminder of what I can (and should) do with the kids.
Winnie, mum of Lucas (2 yrs)

The Make-A-Totbook lessons were really interesting and I learnt very useful strategies on how to teach my child using the trans-disciplinary approach. I will definitely work on more totbooks with him!
Sue, mum of Rayyan (2 yrs)

The first question my boy asked after the N2/K1 workshop ended was "Is this the last time that we are coming here? Can we come again?". My little boy loves your class lots, so we would love to have you coach him again. He is definitely joining the weekly class.
Carol, mum of Jerell (5.5 yrs)

 Avinash looked forward to your sessions eagerly and thoroughly enjoyed them. He said "I learn a lot of things from this class and I also like teacher Shirley very much". Thank you very much for organizing and conducting this N2/K1 workshop.
Lavina, mum of Avinash (5 years old)

It has been an eye-opening journey to this trans-disciplinary thematic teaching method. Thanks to your enthusiasm and strong belief to unveil every child's potential. A big thumb up to your specially designed curriculum. They are very advanced and I am especially impressed by the way you cultivate higher-level thinking while bringing up different topics. My son has developed a sense of accomplishment in what he has learnt so far. Thank you very much.
Rachel, mum of Matthew (5.5 yrs)
After completing just one lapbook, I must say I am very impressed by all your ideas and how they all come about to provide a holistic learning experience. Thank you for the feedback you have given on my gal. Now I know where are the gaps in her education and will be working with her on that.
Leng Leng, mum of Sarah (6 yrs)

I like to reiterate my thanks for teaching me how to fish. Now I am getting the hang of planning lapbooks for my kids as well as recycling what Amos has done for his brother. Now I understand, albeit a fraction of the fruit of labour that you have put in for your kids and others. It's time consuming but very rewarding. Amos benefitted most from your courses.
Angelia, mum of Amos (4 yrs, testimonial sent in 2012)

Attending the class with my son has given me insights into how to create a conscientious learning environment and how much and in what ways young minds can be nurtured. I just want to say a big THANK YOU! I am very pleased that my son has learnt so much in just a few lessons and I can already see progress in his understanding of concepts that were new to him. Your intensive course has highlighted so many skills and habits that are useful to parents and helped me to be bolder in going beyond what I have been doing with my son. I am very inspired and encouraged that we should not undermine a young child's potential.
Angelia, mum of Amos (2.5 y.o, testimonial sent in 2010)

I'm glad we found your lapbooking class. I think and believe that your programme is what my daughter needs to boost her self-esteem. When she loses confidence, she tends to clam up and in most schools and enrichment programmes, the quiet ones will not get attention and hence lose out. But in your classes, she gets the attention she deserves and more.
Mrs Goh, mum of Shiqin (4. 5 yrs)

Thank you for all the wonderful work that you've done with all the children. It is heartwarming to know that you've got so much passion in teaching the kids and you are ever so willing to share everything that you know with other parents. I'm thankful to have stumbled upon your blog and got to know you.
Sue May, mum of Joshua (7 yrs) and Louisa (4 yrs)

Before Zahrah attended your Bright Tots Campus class, she would get bored easily and not able to do any activities for long. But now, after attending just a few lessons of your classes, I must say that she is able to focus a lot better and I am so amazed by her attention span whenever I try to re-do the activities we learnt in class with her at home.
Nazia, mum of Zahrah (23 months) who attended Bright Tots Campus and is now in Bright Minds Lapbookers

Kai Zhe is now more keen to read out loud and reads with me everyday. He has also started to ask questions. I really think you must have an influence over him after just 5 lessons.
Charmaine, mum of Kai Zhe (4 yrs)

Terrific, enjoyable and beneficial experience for me and my daughter. The lessons are very well-planned and delivered, covering many activities, all related to the particular theme. The lapbook that we made is an excellent way for us to reinforce what we learnt during lessons at home. In addition, I have learnt a lot on how to better teach my daughter at home through the weekly brief provided at the end of every lesson. Thanks a lot for all the sharing and guidance (during and after lessons)!
Aileen, mum of Muse (2 yrs) who started with Bright Tots Campus at 18 months and now attending Bright Minds Lapbookers

Nayaz's English has improved tremendously after starting your programme. So has his concentration span! Whenever I can, I also try to follow your suggestions in the weekly brief during the week after each lesson. My daughter also loves your lessons and I have seen improvements in so many areas right after the first lesson. Her vocabulary has expanded and diversified so much since attending your lapbooking class!
Malina, mum of Nayaz (3 yrs) and Ibnat (5 yrs)

 “My girl has enjoyed every lapbooking lesson and benefitted a lot through your good coaching. Trans-disciplinary thematic learning approach indeed opens doors of opportunity for accelerated learning. She is simply enthusiastic about the activities and is learning with lots of fun. As a lapbooking mom myself, your class has provided a good foundation for me to expand on and reinforce at home. Your level of commitment and passion shown is exemplary. Thank you for the amazing work.”
Karen, mum of Emma (6 yrs) and Ethel (3 yrs)

Your lessons are extremely suited for Ryan, who is unable to be seated for long. Based on my observations, he is constantly engaged with the different activities, so there is no 'free time' for his mind to wander during the lesson. We are very happy with the programme, especially with the fact that Ryan enjoys it so much. Keep up the good work!
Justine, mum of Ryan (5 yrs)

We enjoyed your lessons a lot and find each experience highly beneficial. I thought every activity is very cleverly integrated and well-planned. After attending just 3 lessons, I have already learnt so much! Ever since we started your class, I have become more aware of my environment and how I can make use of our daily experience to teach and explain things that make sense to Elaine. I enjoy the process very much. Thank you!
Jovin, mum of Elaine (2 yrs) who attended the Bright Tots Campus before joining the Bright Minds Lapbookers class.

"Thanks a lot for the effort in planning, preparing the materials, curriculum and doing the research. The class is great, not only for my son but also for me as I have also learned a lot. I am amazed with the ideas that you have and give kudos to your ability and capability in doing all these on your own. The books you introduced during class also serve as a good guide for me to introduce to my son. The suggestion sheets received after lessons are really useful. Once again, thank you for sharing this trans-disciplinary thematic kind of learning."
Winnie, mum of Ethan (3 yrs) who attended the Lapbookers programme

Each hour lesson comprises of as many as 9 activities that are very well-planned and linked within a theme. What is unique of this programme compared to other enrichment classes is that the teacher explains the teaching principles behind each activity, so parents can better understand the ways to reinforce learning at home more effectively. Not only is my child learning from attending her lessons, I am learning too!
Shook, mum of Yan Png (2.5 years) who graduated from the Bright Tots Campus and is now attending the Bright Minds Lapbookers programme
My 5yo girl told me your workshop is by far, her most enjoyable learning experience! She loves the fun-filled lessons which are packed with challenging activities. My 3yo, who is usually very shy, now can't wait to attend more of your classes. I am extremely impressed with the quality of your programme that is both well-planned and delivered and your level of passion and professionalism really shines through. Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to learn this fantastic method! I have learnt so much myself. We will highly recommend this programme to any parent!"
Janet, mum of Priscilla and Triscilla who attended the Siblings Workshop and are now in Bright Minds Lapbookers.