FAQs/Terms and Conditions

1. How is the lapbooking class different from other enrichment programmes, such as literacy or tuition class?
The Bright Minds Lapbookers employs a literature-based, interdisciplinary thematic learning approach.

Each lapbooking lesson is focused on delivering inter-disciplinary concepts through a series of interactive activities, all related to themes drawn from a literature selected for the age group. Through active participation, our young minds are motivated to listen, explore, discover and think for themselves as they apply concepts to collaborative project work, as well as tasks they work on individually.

Instead of a worksheet-intensive curriculum that focuses on drilling in literacy or tuition classes, we engage and motivate students with innovative and experiential activities. Consistent exposure to our coaching method and curriculum will equip students with essential skills in reading and writing creatively, as well as transforming them into a powerful communicator, confident collaborator and effective problem-solver.

2. How many lessons do we have to pay for?
Between 6 and 12 lessons per term, depending on class. Details are stated in confirmation email. Students of the Bright Minds Lapbookers will complete two lapbooks based on two literature per term.

3. Besides lesson fees, are there registration, membership or material fees?
For new students (who have never enrolled in a full ten-weeks term before), a one-time (non-refundable) registration fee of $40 is payable. Students who return after skipping more than one term will be required to pay the registration fee again. Term fees include all materials used in class and those that are given to students after class but exclude the purchase of literature. Zoom classes may have separate arrangements. Details will be provided via confirmation emails. 

Replacement of lesson materials is chargeable at $10 per lesson. 

4. Are there free-play (unstructured play and toys) or snacks provided before or during lessons?
As all lessons are intensive sessions packed with activities that require our young children's active participation and concentration, our classes are capped to duration between 45 min and 2 hrs (depending on age group) to yield the best results from our young students. Unlike typical enrichment programmes, our lesson time excludes the usual free (unstructured) play and snack time, so parents do not have to pay for time spent on these activities.

5. What is the student-to-teacher ratio?
Depending on age groups. Max 7 students to one teacher, excluding students attending make-up lesson. K2 and advanced classes will have max 10 students to one teacher.

6. Can I pay deposit to reserve a place first, instead of making full fees payment?
Students currently enrolled in a full-term/workshops may place a deposit of $100 to reserve a place in the new term provided the deposit is received by the deadline given, subject to availability of vacancies. The deposit is not transferrable to another child, or be used for a different class. The deposit shall be forfeited if balance fees payment is not received by the stipulated deadline or if the parent/child doesn't wish to continue.

7. My child has a confirmed place. Is it possible to ask for a transfer to a different class in the same term or another term?
It is possible to transfer if the following conditions are fulfilled: (1) there is a vacancy in the desired class; and (2) valid reasons are provided and approved by the Management. An administrative fee of $25 is chargeable for transfer to a different term. The Management decisions to approve/reject transfers are final and all approvals are strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.

8. I have confirmed a place for my child but now I need to withdraw her. Can I get full refund for the fees paid?
Once a place in weekly class is confirmed with full fees payment, there is no full refund in cases of withdrawal initiated by parents. Amount of partial refund given is dependent on the length of written notice provided. Once the weekly class commences, there will not be refund for fees paid. There is NO refund for workshops under any circumstances once a place is confirmed. Please refer to full details in confirmation email sent. 

For Zoom classes with lapbooks posted to students' addresses prior to first lesson, once the lesson materials are posted (proof of mailing shall be the date and registered post tracking details), there will not be refund for term fees paid. This clause supersedes all terms stated in email confirmation. 

9. How many makeup lessons can my child attend if she has to miss some lessons?
Each child enrolled for weekly lessons is entitled to a maximum of TWO replacement lessons per term if there is another class of the same age group working on the same literature. In the event that the teacher is ill on any lesson, a replacement teacher may be arranged. Otherwise, the lesson will be postponed to a date/time/venue that is convenient to majority of the students. For every lesson missed, parents will still receive the lapbooking materials and an email on lesson highlights. There are no make-up lessons for workshops.

10. Other Terms & Conditions
From Tiny Acorns will take reasonable care of all students during the time when students are in our classes. From Tiny Acorns shall not be liable for any losses, damages, injuries or any mishaps whatsoever that may occur during classes, workshops or events.

By enrolling in our classes and programmes, parents/guardians of our students are agreeable to provide From Tiny Acorns the permission to use photographs and/or videos of children registered for the programmes.

The Management reserves the rights to cancel registration of any student in our programmes and refund outstanding fees.

The Management also reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.