The Magical Years: 3 to 5 years

Children between 3 and 5 years old are tirelessly learning all the time.

They talk non-stop with an expanding vocabulary. They are constantly on the move and more curious than ever about the unknown. They ask hundreds of questions each day and are impatient and hungry to know more. They look up to older children and instinctively wish to emulate their behaviour.

This is the period of their young lives when exposure to a nurturing and effective learning environment is the MOST important. Your every decision on your child's learning journey at this point has a positive or negative impact on their learning journey. Some decisions may be catalysts that stimulate growth and accelerate learning. Others may hide your child's potential and hinder growth.

This is also the period when they are learning to form Positive Attitudes and Core Learning Skills that are essential to transform an average learner to one with high abilities.

In our Bright Minds Lapbookers classes, every student has an individualised learning path mapped out. Parents are updated of their child's strengths and weaknesses as they progress in our programme. Suggestions on how parents can reinforce learning is provided weekly so parents can effortlessly create an effective learning environment for their children.

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