Chinese Lapbookers

Suitable for 4 to 10 years old 

Our Chinese Lapbookers programme employs a literature-based thematic approach to nurture our children's interest in the Chinese language and help them build a strong foundation during their kindergarten and lower Primary years.

Our emphasis will be first on building students' confidence to express their views and conversing through a language-rich environment and active learning process. Only when children can confidently communicate in complete sentences will they build a strong foundation to excel in the Chinese Compositions and Oral exams in schools.

With a small class size of 6 children in preschool groups and not more than 9 in older age groups, every child will get plenty of time to participate in engaging activities that encourage them to practise the Chinese phrases and sentences they have learnt in meaningful ways.

For 4 to 6 years old
The emphasis will be more on 听 (listening),说 (speaking),认 (word recognition), while concurrently building on the child's story-telling skill and widening their exposure to good sentence structures through games and specially designed lapbooking activities.

For selected K1 and all K2 children, the activities will be more intensive and include 读 (reading aloud) and 写 (writing), specifically to equip them with skills and lay a strong foundation for mastering creative writing (写作) and comprehension (阅读理解).

Students will complete one lapbook in 5 experiential sessions that introduce them to a wide-range of stimulating hands-on activities such as crafts, games, reading-and-listening skill builders, rhymes and creative drama.

In the kindergarten years, students will spend up to 75% of lesson time learning to communicate in Mandarin. The immersion approach will swiftly heighten students' awareness, interest and understanding of the language.

For Lower Primary levels
Students will build oracy skills through weekly discussions and structured story-telling activities designed to enrich vocabulary and students' ability to reflect on experiences.

Through targeted written practices, students will also learn techniques to plan and write compositions (作文). The process will provide them with ideas to build story content and equip them with skills to master composition (作文) and oral (口试).

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